5 Qualities of a Great Friend

The friends we have are the ones that we choose as our second family. They are the ones we run to with our ups and downs in life. We go to them with great news and reached milestones. We turn to them when problems in our careers arise, our relationships are in trouble, or even when our health begins to decline.

Those that we call “Friends” have a positive effect in our lives. They make us happy, cheer us on, and remind us of how great life can be. They lend a hand when we are run down. For some, our friends are our only supporters.

We are all wired differently, but want the same worthy attributes in our friendships that make it meaningful. These are 5 qualities that not only you should possess, but also those who are your friends.

A friend who will always tell you the truth even if it may not be want you want to hear, is a great friend to have. Honesty is one of the most important features in a friendship. You know they will always tell the truth (hopefully in a tactful manner) and they are definitely TRUSTWORTHY. An honest friend can also be described as a loyal person.

Emotional support is extremely important in a friendship. A caring friend is someone you can count on when you need a shoulder to lean on. They listen to what you have to say. Whether you are devastated from a failed relationship or just down in the dumps with what life is throwing at you, a caring friend will be there to hear you out, dry your tears, and pick you back up when you are falling down.

Who wants to be friends with Negative Nancy? NOONE! Good vibes and positive energy is all anyone wants around them. A friend who has an optimistic attitude helps encourage you in life. They build your confidence and push you to your best! You know you can count on them when you are lacking the motivation you need to keep going.

Having someone who prays for you is a blessing. Having a friend who is not overly religious and tries to change your beliefs, but religious enough that you know you can call on when you or your family are going through spiritual warfare is godsent. There has not been a time in my life that I could not call on my friends when I was going through something terrible and asked them to pray for me…. and their response, “Praying now.” or “Without hesitation, keep me posted.” A religious friend feeds your heart on a totally different level.

Laughing triggers positive feelings. Everyone needs to be around someone who makes them laugh. Life is already intense and scary as it is. When you are relaxing and socializing you want to have a good time and let the heavy loads of life fall right off your shoulders for those few hours and just carry-on and laugh. Having funny friends eases anxiety and tension. Their playful point of views and laughter are contagious. They immediately improve your mood and add zest and joy to your life.

These are only a few traits, as there are so many more that contribute to wonderful friendships. Great friends will cry with you and celebrate with you. They pray with you and dream with you. They encourage you in your short term and long term goals. Having friends that carry these traits within them is a blessing even if it is just one friend.

Do you have characteristics of a great friend?

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