Protecting Your Energy

Have you ever been around someone that just made you feel uneasy and couldn’t put your finger on it as to why? Well, if you didn’t know then you know now, that was your energy trying to tell you that something is off. It warns you about others. Our energies pick up on those who are bad news. It can pick up on those who really don’t like you around and pretend to be loyal to you. It can pick up on someone who is trying to harm you. Your energy is something that is not be shaken, but when threatened it will certainly ring loud bells for you. When your spirit picks up a bad vibe there is no comforting it until they are well away from you. Then your energy will go back to its normal state, leaving you thinking, “What the hell just happened to me?!” Our energies warn us when we are around danger. It helps keep us safe by shaking us when we are not. Everyone needs to listen closely to their energy and how certain people make it react.

Some people can walk into a room and give this calm, soothing feeling that makes you feel relaxed, cozy, and welcomed. Those are the vibes we all want to be around. Then, there are those that walk into a room and leave you feeling unsettled. You are suddenly panicky and ready to leave. They don’t sit well with your spirit and you should not force it. If the people that put out the kind of energy that makes you feel sick to your stomach and on edge are the people that you cannot completely cut off from your life then there are a few things that you should do to keep from having to sage yourself off afterward. However, know that it is okay to snip people right out of your life to keep all well with your soul. There is nothing wrong with tolerating people from afar.

Set boundaries:
Make sure that you put out the energy that gets you respect. You don’t have to be liked by anyone but you damn well deserve to be respected by everyone. You don’t have to do this aggressively at all, in fact, that is not necessary. All you do is respect everyone and they will reciprocate that same energy even if they don’t want to. Your energy is so positive that they will feel like they have to show respect and that’s exactly what you are trying to accomplish. You need to be respected. You set that boundary. They will quickly catch on that you are a meritorious woman.

Be you:
Who cares who likes you and who doesn’t. You are living your life for you and no one else. So let them give those bad vibes out like candy all you need to do is block ’em like Kobe. Laugh, have a good time, dance, and keep your happiness regardless of their misery. Don’t allow anyone to dim your bright shining light within you. You smile and keep doing you regardless of what vibes they are throwing your way.

You can be nice, but you don’t have to be friends:
Know the difference between being nice and making friends. A well raised person is nice to all people even to those that aren’t deserving. However, that does not mean that you have to be their friend. You don’t have to hangout. You don’t have to exchange social media information. You don’t have to take selfies together. You don’t even have to strike up a conversation with them. All that is needed from a classy woman is a simple “hello” and that is all.

Avoid them:
Lastly, my very own personal favorite. When there is an event that I know I will be surrounded by uncouth people who give off sneering energy I don’t even waste my time. There is no one and no event so important to me that I will put my own energy through hell for. I will avoid putting myself in any place or situation that is not peaceful for my soul and you should do the same. I will not go to a party and soak up all the bad vibes only to leave feeling regretful that I did that to myself. That takes too much of me to try and force myself to be at ease when my soul knows it is not well around them. I will not paralyze my very own spirit to allow someone else’s disdained spirit consume me.

It is our priority to take care of ourselves and that includes our spirit, our soul, our energy. There may be times that you may feel doubtful and think it is all in your head that you are making yourself feel that way, but do not do that to yourself. Do not suppress your thoughts or neglect your feelings. That is a sure way to drain your soul every single time. Set healthy boundaries to protect your energy. Learn the language of your body and know when it is on high alert and around who. It is a force of nature, so do not silence it, but listen to it. I have gone and will continue to go to great lengths to protect my mind, soul and energy, will you?