Self- Improvement

Build Your Self-Esteem Back Up

The confidence you carry around with you tells a story. It gives people a preview of what you think about yourself, how you feel about yourself, and how much you value yourself and your time. Your self-esteem is loud with your presence, and you want what it has to say to be spectacular.

You want to walk into a room and people take notice in how confident you are. Your self-esteem sets the tone for how they will approach you. Someone with high self-esteem knows that they are worthy and nothing can bring their head down causing that crown to tilt, not even a bit.

Confidence and self-esteem go hand and hand with one another, like salt and pepper. You cannot have low self-esteem and be confident within yourself or vice versa. So, if you have been down on yourself and have a low self-esteem that is getting in the way of you living your best life, then here are some sure ways to help build that baby back up!

Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem Back Up

There is no better way to give your self-image a boost and gain confidence than to get back into shape. This is not going to happen overnight, but when you get that 15 min. or 30 min. workout in for the day, that immediately helps you feel better about yourself already. Increasing your self-esteem little by little is key. Nothing is too little and nothing is too much when it comes to you.

Set small, but reachable goals
Setting the right goals can lead to personal growth, increasing your self-esteem. Knowing that you have accomplished things and can cross them off your list is a great feeling. These goals don’t have to be huge, but small and achievable ones that add up will help complete the bigger picture. These goals can be anything from volunteering once a month at a church, learning a new word every week, slowly incorporating a healthy side to all your meals, to simply waking up earlier than usual everyday. Again, nothing is too little or too much.

Get out of the house more often
Socializing is a bit more challenging these days with COVID threatening everyone’s health. However, you can still get out of the house to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Meet some friends at a nearby park and catch up while wearing your masks. Go to a store just to browse around. Visit a frozen yogurt shop and sit outdoors while enjoying your snack. Just getting out of the house a little more and seeing the different sceneries will boost your mood.

Dress up everyday
The way you look augments your self-esteem. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is important. However, if you are always in your pj’s or sweats and your hair is up in a bun, then that doesn’t give you much motivation. It gives you a feeling of laziness and chill and that’s great for Sunday’s. But for all other days, dress up, curl your hair, and do your make-up. You’ll see just how much your self-esteem goes up with that little doing. Aesthetically pleasing attire contributes a big portion to self-esteem and confidence.

Focus on your growth
Human beings often look at others to calculate how well they are doing in their own lives. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Everyone is at a different level in their lives and no one took the same path. One may have started sooner than someone else, so there is no need to compare where you are in your life. Keep your eyes on your prize, focus on you, your growth, and accomplishments. Be proud of every little step you take, because every step, big or small, leads to your personal growth.

Choose Happiness
There will be things that happen in life, good and bad, and it is important to let those things be what they are and keep smiling. Choose Happiness in everything you do and everything you go through… Choose Happiness. Choosing to be happy during your bad times and getting through that point will make you realize how strong you really are and how much of what you do makes a huge difference to you. To increase your self-esteem, always Choose happiness.

What Is Your Story Telling Others?

When you have a healthy self-esteem you tend to think positively about yourself and are optimistic about life even during challenges. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that should matter to you. Make positive changes, challenge yourself, live a life that is in line with your own principles, and Love yourself. What is your self-esteem telling others about you?