A Summer Challenge

Texas is well known for its saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas”, but has it been mentioned that it is also known for its muggy weather? Today had been utterly humid, to say the least. However, the day was beautiful and I was contemplating on what to do with the kid(That’s the nickname for my son).

Well, Whats the next best thing to do on an extremely hot and sticky day, besides staying in the house where the a/c works? GET WET- and that is exactly what we did! There is nothing like connecting a wiggling water sprinkler onto your hose and soaking up all the water that’ll make contact with your skin along with the beaming sun.

It was such a blast! We ran around the sprinkler chasing each other. We aimed the wildly wiggling tubes at each other. He and I danced to Alan Jacksons “Remember When”, (Which was totally adorable even though my 3 year old had no clue what the song was about). We searched for bugs in muddy puddles that had formed in the yard, and after washing some of his monster trucks under the sprinkler, we sat down and enjoyed some popsicles – blue for him and red for me. Even though it wasn’t the freshest day of the season, today was certainly fun and most importantly, it was spent with my most favorite person.

I know that some days you just want to stay inside and watch some television just to avoid the heat (and believe me I have many of those moments). But when you shake that feeling off and take your behind outside, turn up some jams, and run around as if you yourself were only 10, then you won’t think of being outside on a sultry day so much as a bad thing.

Sometimes, it is easier to let our kids be kids in the summer heat whilst joining in on the fun and also letting ourselves be kids. Afterall, we deserve to put a pause to adulthood every now and again just to inhale the beauty of Life and exhale the bullsh*ts of Life.

Anyway, I challenge you to wake the child from within and let loose. Have some fun, run around, and show your kids that life can always be a good time no matter the age (or weather). Drop a comment below and let me know how it goes and remember…. hot and humid days can still be refreshing 🙂


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