Self- Improvement

6 Steps to Reaching Your Goals

Goals are part of everyone’s lives whether they know it or not. Some goals are for fun while others are necessary to improve the quality of life. Many common goals that we often hear about are weight loss goals. However, there are different needs for everyone. Someone’s goal may be to cut back on their pain killers, because its affecting their life negatively. Meanwhile, someone else’s goal is to save money to go to Disney World. No matter what the goal is that you are trying to reach, know that it is reachable and it can be done. This particular goal has already been achieved by someone else perhaps in a different way, none the less, you too can achieve this in your own way.

Achieving goals have a way of making us feel accomplished. It gives us the inspiration that is essential to aim for things we never thought possible. It pushes us to live our best lives. Reaching our goals give us even more reason to get up everyday and be the best that we can be. Here are a few steps that I think will help you reach your goal no matter what it is.

1. Choose one goal at a time:
Working towards multiple goals can have you feeling unfocused. You must choose one goal to accomplish at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed and quitting before you even begin. This is where patience and prioritizing plays an integral part in your goal planning.

2. Live everyday toward that goal:
You have to constantly push yourself higher and harder everyday until you reach your goal. This formula is your key to success. You can’t skip one day. It gets hard, it gets tiring, but if you stop now you risk taking another break tomorrow and so on, causing you to eventually give up on your goal.

3. Have a strong desire and will to achieve that goal:
You have to want to reach your goal in order for you to reach your goal. You must be disciplined enough to work toward it even when it feels impossible to keep going. There will be long days, but you must have the burning desire needed to pull it off.

4. Envision your goal already being reached:
To reach your dreams you have to picture it in your mind daily. Create your vision. Hold it in your mind. Write it out or draw a picture. This allows you to feel it, hear it, and want it so much that you become unstoppable.

5. Remind yourself why you want to reach that goal:
There is a reason why this goal is on your list. Whether it is for self-improvement or a life or death situation, you must remind yourself the importance of achieving this. This is the one thing that will keep you hanging on when you feel like giving up.

6. Do not stray from your plan to reach that goal:
You have a plan, now you have to stick with it. Yes, there may be changes here and there and there will certainly be hurdles you have to jump over, but this process is totally worth it. Stick to your plan regardless of the changes that will be made throughout the entire time.

Don’t wait until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Every step you take everyday toward reaching your goal is progress and that in itself is something to be proud of. You can’t do it all today, but you can do it. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in one day. Your goals can be reached with persistence, patience, and actions toward their direction every single day. Now, are you ready to reach your goals?