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21 Affirmations for Cancer Patients

Cancer does not discriminate. It does not matter your color, race, religion, marital status, sex preference, or anything else. It comes and it comes ready to destroy character, faith, confidence, beliefs, self-worth, mental health, and so much more.

When you get such devastating news your heart breaks into a million pieces as the words vibrate through you, bouncing off every organ and the echoes engrave themselves into your mind.

As we all know, the thoughts that we have reflect within our bodies causing positive outcomes or negative ones. So, I thought I would help those who have just received such tragic news, going through their first round of chemo, or are waiting for some kind of miracle to take over, with some inspirational words for the hard moments. This is for you.

21 Affirmations For Cancer Patients

  1. My scars are proof that my body is healing.

2. I am beautiful with hair and without.

3. Cancer does not define who I am, my strengths do.

4. I am not fighting alone, My friends and Family stand with me.

5. Today was hard, but God will continue to carry me through.

6. My body aches, but I can and will grow healthier and stronger everyday.

7. I am an inspiration to those who are watching my journey

8. My mind is calm. My heart is happy. My soul is peaceful. My body is healing, and my health is already improving.

9. Today is going to be one of the best days I have had in a long time.

10. I can do this. I can fight. I will beat this battle.

11. Today is a step closer toward my recovery.

12. I am going to try to eat today. Small portions are still great portions.

13. I love my body and I will love it back to health.

14. God has a plan. I may not understand it right now, but I trust it.

15. God has me cradled in his hands. I am in good hands.

16. Today I will put my mind at ease and rest my body. Everyone is deserving of a good break.

17. My smile will make someone’s day. It will make my day today.

18. I am worth this fight.

19. The doctors don’t have the final say. The report doesn’t have the final say. Jesus and I have the final say and we both agree this will be done for good. I will be healed!

20. This is just a season, not the rest of my life.

21. Good things are coming and I will remain hopeful.

You Can Do This, You Got This

I know you may be scared for your life, and that is okay. Not only is it okay, but it is completely understandable. Just know that you are not alone. Jesus walks with you every single day, even on your hardest days. He knows you hurt. He knows you are tired. He knows your fear.

You are doing such an amazing job at staying strong. When your body gets tired and you begin to feel weak, listen. Get the rest that your body is asking for. When you feel like giving up, Pray. God hears us and when you don’t have the words, only tears, he understands those, too. You are a warrior!

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Find Yourself Again

Your life is crumbling down in a whirlwind of chaos. It may be that your marriage is falling apart right before your eyes. Perhaps, you recently discovered your teenager is using drugs. Or maybe you just received catastrophic news about a loved one. These are all traumatic events that happen in life everyday to someone leaving them feeling destroyed, confused, and lost.

You may begin to question yourself on a daily basis, “Where did I go wrong?” “What do I do now?” “How do I move on from this?”. Truth be told, sometimes things just happen to good people and you have no choice but to keep moving forward, regardless what the situation was that occurred. During these tough times, as ironic as it sounds, what helps the most is – Solitude. Gain your individuality again. Learn who you are as a one person. Embrace your feelings of sadness, terror, anger, and uncertainty. To find yourself again, you have to know what you are feeling and instead of fighting those feelings back you have to face them head on.

After dealing with the emotions that have run through you only then will you manage to move forward and leave those feelings behind. It’s time for a change. You may not be who you were before, but instead you are now someone who is stronger and wiser through this impactful experience. This has given you a chance to regain perspective in your life that has most likely been changed in a drastic way. Solitude gives you a chance to work on yourself after being hurt, lied to, cheated on, betrayed, or your views of someone who was important to you have changed. You have to change to remold your character after being crushed. This occurrence that left you unrecognizable to yourself may not be easy to accept, but to find yourself you must accept what has transpired. You don’t like it, but it happened. The more you fight to accept this the harder it will be to find yourself and the deeper the pit you will fall into.

When you lose yourself its not just about finding your character again, but also restoring your self-esteem. Chances are that what you went through also left you feeling really low about yourself. It set you back a million steps, I know the feeling. Give yourself the pep talks that you need daily. Love yourself again. Accept your imperfections, because we all have them. Listen to you. No one knows you better than you, so listen to yourself. You may now have a new tug-o’-war relationship with self doubt, so changing your mindset during this time is also necessary.

We can’t change what comes hitting us like a ton of bricks, but we can find ourselves when we are left with an identity crisis after a psychological shock. You have to know that things happen for a reason and we don’t always get the answers why. It’s not an easy journey finding yourself, but it is necessary. The best part of getting lost though, is finding who you really are. Find yourself, you’ll discover that you love whom you’ve become.

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Addiction: Say Goodbye and Leave it Behind

Addiction: A compulsive physiological or psychological need for and use of a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity. I have had many friends fall into the realm of unfortunate habits. They range from addictive shopping to illicit drugs and everything in between. These have changed their lives negatively in different ways, obviously. Some have won their battles against it and are doing well. Others have lost the fight, alive, but completely lost. Even though, the extreme shopper’s ability to fight was different to that of the one who was addicted to heroin, they both fought and won their battles. No matter the challenge or what you are fighting up against, big or small, it can still be won.

1: Acknowledge your problem and why it formed

Acknowledge your bad habit. Whatever it is, it’s something that has been brought to your attention by concerned friends/ family. It is something that even YOU yourself know that it is a problem. Even something as obvious as knowing that your hoarding has spiraled out of control. It is the very thing that popped into your head as you read this. Aside from pin-pointing your habit you have to know where it stems from. This is very important. You have to know why you turn to this impropriety, how did it even become a habit? What made it begin, and what triggers it? When you know the why’s and what’s about this pattern, then you can figure out where in the vicious cycle you need to make a change. Is it stress that drives you to smoke? Try meditation. Are you eating your emotions away? Try running. There is always a better solution than the one you are falling to.

2: Want the change

You have to want the change. You have to want TO change. You must realize that the drinking is causing havoc in your work and social life. The drugs you take are damaging your family. Your spouse and kids no longer feel safe around you because you are rapidly changing for the worse. Your xray results came back and you now have some irreversible lung damage due to smoking. These are all reasons to want to change. You have to dig deep inside of you and really understand that this is not who you were born to be. You want to be happy. You want to be sober. You want to just be a better version of you. And you have to want this every single day. You have to wake up and remind yourself that you are worth the change and that your old ways are not who you want to be anymore.

3: Find Your Support System

Kicking an addiction is life altering. Making a life altering change is hard. Whatever this habit is, it is most likely one that started years ago or maybe even months ago. Nonetheless, it will be hard to confront it if you are fighting alone. This is why finding a support system is helpful. Don’t get me wrong, it is achievable alone, but if you fall back it is best to fall onto someone who is willing to pick you back up and hold your hand on the way to whoop this habits ass. Whether its your family or friends or even a virtual support group, you at least know that when you have a bad day and you are craving this vice, then your support system will help get you back on track. They can come to you and talk at a distance, you can facetime and enjoy dinner while each of you stay in your own homes, or you can just have a simple conversation over the phone to get you feeling strong again and ready to tackle this.

4: Get Busy

Now, we all know to get over a break up we need to keep our minds off the person. Well, the same goes for breaking an addiction… You must keep yourself busy. This is crucial, because as we know we cannot simply block that atrocious habit out of our heads, though it would be much easier. However, we can keep our minds so occupied that we forget the fight against it for a few hours. Focus on the better you. Try an online Culinary class. Go for a bike ride and enjoy some fresh air. Focus on gardening and other yard work. Workout at home. Go for a walk. Read a book or a bunch of books. Take online classes. Take a long nap. Listen to podcasts that will help. Here’s one that I recommend, “Focus on The Positive Things in Life” By Joyce Meyers.

5: Don’t Give In

You have to remember that you are going to have some difficult days. That is completely normal and expected. These days though troubling, are what is shaping you to be stronger every day. You get through one hard day and you can bet that you can continue to get through any other day, tough or not. Bad days are already awful when your life is going well, but when you are struggling with dependency of any sort it makes it seem as if its impossible to live through it without falling back to your old ways. Do not be fooled, that is only your mind producing fatalistic thoughts and it will continue to do so as long as you allow it to. DO NOT ALLOW SUCH THOUGHTS TORMENT YOU. As soon as a thought of defeat enters your mind, shake it off! Change your thoughts to, “I am strong.”, “I can do this.”, “This will not control my life.” “I need to do this for me.” “I am unstoppable and will continue to go strong down the right path!” It really does make a difference and you will see things will quickly turn for the better. You’ll then take notice that you did in fact have control over your entire life, including beating addiction.

Addiction hits each person differently just as the process of sobering. However, you must know that YOU CAN beat it. You are worth beating any addiction, whether it be overeating, pornography, drugs, etc. It can only begin with you making the choice to end it. Change your mind about what you want. You got this.

**If you are wanting to make the change today please call SAMHSA National Helpline for free confidential help. 1-800-662-4357