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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Stay Grounded Through Life’s Struggles

Welcome back to Every Blogging Thing! A few months ago I asked a good friend of mine, that I met in the blogging world, to assist me in writing about keeping grounded during hardships in life. As some of you know, Life threw a little curveball at me so I took some time to gather myself, but here I am back and ready to share this wonderful post with you all. Hope you all enjoy! A huge Thank You Shout Out to “The Daily Sunlight” for these great tips. Give a visit to

How are you feeling? What’s on your mind? Are you happy with your life? These are the questions that one should ask themselves. It is important to get a reality check to see if you are happy with yourself.
Staying grounded is crucial for your physical and mental care. It helps you connect with who you are and balance your inner self and outer self. As an introvert and someone who has anxiety, I need this. It’s
been a year since I have practiced being grounded and let me tell you that it is a game changer.

5 Ways to Stay Grounded Throughout Life’s Struggles

Stay True to Yourself
Self-acceptance is key. We need to accept our struggles, our achievements, our mind and body, the good and the bad things. There’s a lot of ways to achieve that. You can write in a journal, write your
goals, your strengths and your weaknesses. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, you can change that. The point here is to do something for yourself because you want to. You have to make your
own self your priority. It is only when we accept who we are that we can improve ourselves for the better.
Treat That Body
Physical and mental health are both equally important. We can easily take a lot of stress while trying to manage everything at once. In my case, I have been juggling between work and my studies and as a lot
of you can relate, it can be overwhelming. However, I try to take some time for myself during the day. I think that we should exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. That’s the least we can do for
ourselves. Also, if you stay consistent, you’ll notice great changes. I also like to practice gratitude by writing 3 things I am thankful for in the morning and write a little about how my day was before going to
bed. This can literally change your entire lifestyle.

Surround Yourself With Your People
Apart from having a healthy mind & body, it is also important to have healthy relationships. Don’t be friends with people who you don’t feel comfortable with. We should be surrounded with people who
support us, our goals, our future. We usually get influenced by people that are close to us, might as well be around good people with driven goals.
Take a break
We are not computers, we need a break. I am not saying unplug yourself from social media (unless you want to), but I mean you can do less. If you are someone who’s always productive, you need to take some time for yourself. Taking a break does not mean putting a stop to everything. Let’s say you post three times in a week on Instagram, you can post once a week for a few weeks. It is also okay to ask your boss for a day off. I did that just last week to have more time to study and to relax. You can simply take a break from your everyday life and have some time for yourself. Reminder: taking a break does not mean you are weak, everyone needs this and you come back stronger and ready to get on with your life.
Reading is very beneficial and I understand that some people don’t enjoy it. But, you don’t have to read books, you can read anything else. It could be a magazine, a blog, a newspaper or any subject that you
are interested in. I just think that it is important to have an open mind. Also, reading is very relaxing. Apart from exercising, I also love to spend at least 30 minutes reading (or read one chapter if I don’t
have much time). I think that reading should be a part of your self-care routine.
These are the ways that I practice being grounded which makes me feel more at peace. If you have anxiety, doing these things will definitely help you. It is important to feel yourself from time to time. Also,
doing this just once won’t be much of a help, I’d recommend practicing this daily or at least three times a week.

What are some ways you stay grounded and how does it make you feel? If you haven’t tried this technique yet, do you plan to try it?
Thank you for this opportunity, I am honored to have written for an amazing blog such as yours.

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