25 for your 4th of July

Just when we thought things were improving, COVID-19 came with a vengeance. It seems like 2020 has a mission to drive our children and us crazy. The kids are getting a little restless with not much excitement going on these days, especially those toddlers. And who can blame them?!

Holidays were something we looked forward to, spent with other family members and friends while enjoying a barbecue. Now, we are left with having to come up with new ways to entertain the little ones when we ourselves are longing for (with great reason) a break. Even us adults are staring out our windows waiting for the green light back to some normalcy. I have faith that things will get better soon.

However, in the meantime, I decided to create a list with 25 outdoor activities that even COVID-19 cannot take from us. I hope your family enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating this for you all.

25 Outdoor Activities

1. Play with the yard-hose pretending to be Firemen/women (You might want a water hose nozzle to help save water).

2. Play in the kiddie pool with all the superheros (Yes really, superhero figurines join in on the fun, too).

3. Jump on the trampoline while sprinklers are on (SOOOO fun and tiring).

4. Run around the yard pretending to be airplanes.

5. Feed the birds bread and wait with binoculars (We use them even though we are on the porch and have no need for them).

6. Play hide and seek (This is great because toddlers will tell you exactly where they will be hiding).

7. Water gun fights.

8. Water balloon fights.

9. Go for a walk with the wagon (Away from others).

10. Draw with sidewalk chalk (In our case, we draw Peppa Pig and her entire family ALL the time!).

11. Play hot potato with a water balloon (Have many on standby).

12. Play T-ball in the backyard.

13. Enjoy watermelon outside then plant the seeds.

14. Hunt for bugs (Really gross for me, but what can I expect from a boy?!).

15. Whipped cream fight (Everyone love this one. You’ll definitely need a rinse with the hose afterward. Another plus for the kids!).

16. Potato sack races.

17. Read books while dressed as superheroes (A superhero voice is mandatory!) P.S. I just had to sneak an indoor activity in 🙂

18. Slip ‘n’ Slide fun with soap.

19. Fill eggs with washable paint and throw at a target on the ground (We have ours hung on our fence).

20. Paint on driveway or even on self (Washable paint, that is).

21. Try an experiment (Slime).

22. Glue a birdhouse together and paint it.

23. Watch YouTube Fortnite dance videos and challenge each other (Can be done indoor and outdoor).

24. Go out for a drive (I do this when I am all pooped out).

25. Indoor tag (Some days I really can’t take the heat).

*Toddler Bonus* My son and I do this activity often, because it is educational for him and restful for me: I draw squares vertically up and down on our driveway exactly like hopscotch. The number of squares will depend on what word I am going to spell out.

Example RED: I draw 3 squares with a large R written in the bottom square since that’s the first square he will jump into. E in the middle square, and D in the top and last square he will land on. As he jumps into the square, he yells out the letter he lands on, eventually spelling out the word (colors, numbers, his name, or any word I am trying to get him to learn to spell). By the end of the week, he learns to spell a new word. He loves jumping and sees it as a game so its super fun for him. Before we begin the activity, I tell him what the word is and I yell out the letters as I land into that square so he can know how it is “played”.

I know some of these are pretty basic and I did this with my readers in mind. Some of you may have only toddlers and some may have a mixture of teenagers and toddlers. I tried to make it fun for all.

Leave a comment and tell me which activities were a hit for your 4th of July celebration or just your typical summer day.

Have fun and stay safe, friends 🙂


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